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What's Inside

Basic Cryptocurrency Course

This course is tailored for beginners in the cryptocurrency world. You'll gain insights into cryptocurrency terminology, understanding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, different types of crypto assets, and how to conduct research. Additionally, you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of trading.

Trading course

This course aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful trader. Throughout the course, you will familiarize yourself with market principles, types of orders and their purposes, as well as learn to interpret charts and apply basic trading strategies. Moreover, you will learn how to manage risks and ensure safety during trading.

Daily analysis of major coins and recommendations for investing

Receive a daily roundup of the major cryptocurrencies along with recommendations from our professional traders and market experts. The final choice always remains with you, but we will help you make more informed decisions.

Trading Guide with Examples

Our comprehensive trading guide provides in-depth knowledge of technical analysis and the essential principles of trading. Simply open the guide, study the material, and follow the provided examples.

Weekly Technical Analysis of Key Market Coins

Join our live sessions on technical analysis conducted by renowned international expert, Igor Porokh. Access recorded sessions for your convenience.

Bi-weekly Review of New Coins

Discover exciting new projects in the market worth considering for early-stage investments. This includes ICOs, IDOs, and other promising early-stage projects.